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Enhanced Fostering With ARC

Therapeutic Foster Care Placements are in high demand for our most challenging and traumatised children.

We are currently recruiting foster carers who want to learn more about the psychology behind caring for children.

There is a strong power in psychology and we have now developed a service to bring this into the home of our foster parents to give them the best support and supervision to change lives.

Our therapeutic parenting model is based on a psychological method developed by a clinical psychologist and social worker in the United States. Their direct experience of working with traumatised children and young people within mental health, homeless youths, drug and alcohol addiction and children’s residential homes has led them to develop a trauma informed practice that has been successfully used in foster homes.

What is ARC?

ARC is designed to re-parent children and young people aged three to seventeen who have experienced multiple and/or prolonged trauma. Children and young people often present with severe psychological and behavioural issues which can lead to significant challenges for foster parents to fully integrate them into everyday living.

ARC stands for Attachment, Regulation and Competency which are the three areas that are most affected by trauma and require the highest level of intervention through targeted routines and rituals.

  • Attachment is the capacity to form and maintain a healthy emotional bond with another person or persons which is a source of mutual comfort, safety and care.
  • Regulation is the development and maintaining the ability to notice and control feelings such as frustration, anger and fear.
  • Competency Mastering the developmental tasks of children and young people and developing an ability to plan and organise for their future. It is also self-development for the foster parents.


Therapeutic Fostering

The ARC model believes that children’ s behaviour is a reflection or a symptom of deeper traumatic experiences that requires understanding and a treatment plan through the relationship between the foster parent and child/young person.

The ARC framework is a collection of tools that boost the foster parents’ strengths, skills and awareness to understand how trauma is affecting the child’s everyday lives and how children have different; or greater needs to their peers.

ARC is currently in use in over 300 child care settings in the US and aboard. The growing research suggests that ARC leads to a reduction in child posttraumatic stress symptoms and general mental health as well as an increase in resilience and social skills.

Foster parents report reduction in distress and view their children’s behaviour through the impact of trauma and a higher rate of permanency in foster care.



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